Laptop Repair Center Al Barsha, Dubai

We will fix the issues of your useful and important laptop

Our laptop is one of the most useful devices, and we are concerned about its safety. However, no assurance can be given, such as electronic items like laptops that work in a flawless manner for a prolonged duration. Technical glitches can appear all of a sudden. Any problem can arrive anytime. Any nasty software issues that render your laptop useless. It is always advised to diagnose before prognosis therefore, here are some of the most common problems that you can face with your laptop.

Sudden draining of the battery: if the battery is draining all of a sudden, then you must approach our laptop repair center Al Barsha.

Keyboard not functioning in a proper manner - If one or more keys of your keyboard are not functioning then it could be due to some sort of obstruction or dust. We fix all the issues of the laptop including keyboard repair.

Overheating: Overheating processor or graphics card can also cause the laptop to crash suddenly. You might be able to feel the heat given out by the laptop, around the vents. You can notice the temperature of the CPU and GPU on your laptop by installing some software or application on your laptop. The overheating could also be due to the fan not working properly or having completely turned off. We take care of such issues at our laptop repair center Dubai facility.

Memory issues: On your laptop, press the Windows key + R, to run the command. In the command box, type in ‘mdsched.exe’ and press ‘OK’. The pop-up window will now check your memory issues. It will prompt you to either check the problem that instant or after you switch on the laptop the next time, opt for the option as per your preference. We offer the facility for the best laptop repair in Dubai. You can rely on us to fix all types of memory issues.

Laptop refuses to start: if the laptop is unable to start and the screen is not activating, then there could be multiple technical reasons behind this. In some cases, the laptop turns on, but the display appears to be inactive. There could be some issue with the screen itself. We can fix such issues as well.

Windows start booting but don’t proceed: In such a case, our experts can help you. Do not proceed unless and until you have full technical knowledge. At our laptop repair center Al Barsha, you can find solutions for all your technical problems.

There can be a number of things that can go wrong with the laptop. Our laptop repair center Dubai facility has all resources for the job. Al Barsha Electronics has the best experts to help you. Hence, we have been known as the best laptop center in Dubai for the past 16 years.