5 benefits of installing structured cabling

Having a structured cable system is integral to holding all the devices including PCs and phones connected to cater to the communication needs. It is a network made with small prefabricated components installed in a building or campus. This kind of network wiring answers to all the evolving needs of the company. Unlike traditional point-to-point cabling, which created a jumble of wires and cables, structured cabling improves the speed and bandwidth with no issues such as unplugging or tripping. Albarsha Electronics offers the most reliable and advanced structured cabling solutions dubai to improve a company’s operations. Here are some of the benefits of using structured cabling in your organization


Structured cabling eliminates the complexity of several layers and wire infrastructures in the office. All the devices are held together and operate on a single system which makes it easier for management to multi-task and transfer data quickly.

Cost-effective Solution

The structured data cabling system is because of its low-cost options. Firstly, it saves money by investing in a single basic cabling system instead of paying hefty amounts on too many wires. The simplicity of the system also helps the organization control maintenance and repair costs. The constant flow of undisrupted data further results in improved productivity which helps the company meets success.


If there is an unstructured cabling infrastructure in place with many wires, joints, and connections, it becomes difficult to find a point of error in case of disruption in the system. Well-planned structured cabling is a lot easier to troubleshoot.


One of the major benefits of structured cabling is that it has a high bandwidth which allows the transfer of data in high volume. It makes the company capable of adapting to connect new apps and devices without disrupting the system in place.


By enabling the company to adapt to new devices and apps, the cabling system enhances the flexibility of the company to absorb new systems and accept changes in the network architecture. The wiring system is so simple to manage that it makes it easier to dismantle or relocate the system.


With a well-designed and resilient cabling system, the investment in the company is bound to be protected for the long term. Whether you want to make changes or not, the system will remain safe and protected for a meaningful period.In nutshell, it can be said that the structured cabling solution opens the door to numerous opportunities to adapt and grow in the future with a strong network system in place. It is one of the best Small business IT solutions Dubai that comes with lots of perks and benefits.

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